Work to start this month on improvements to Aberdeen Crematorium’s chapels and reception area

Work is to start at the end of this month on improvements to the chapels and reception areas at Aberdeen Crematorium to ensure it is an up-to-date facility for people attending services.

The works, which are estimated to cost about £1million, include replacing the existing entrance and reception area, new disabled toilets, a new digital media system, and a complete new redecoration of both chapels.

The works would include a new reception area, a new area for the book of remembrance, refurbishment of toilets, refurbishment of both entrance and departure halls, refurbishment of rear service corridor and external improvements, new flooring and seating in both chapels, new chairs, catafalques, hymn book holders and lecterns in both chapels, and the repair of the ventilation system in the East Chapel.

The work is likely to last five months, depending on weather conditions and the contractor’s schedule. The chapels at the Crematorium will be closed to the public for services between 28 May 2018 and October 2018, and cremations will continue throughout this time.

Aberdeen City Council operational delivery convener Councillor John Wheeler said: “The improvements to the chapels and reception areas should help both families and mourners during the service for their loved one, and we hope people with bear with us with the alternative arrangements while the refurbishments are taking place.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

Alternative arrangements have been in place for several months.

The services which are normally held at the chapels will need to take place at other locations, such as funeral director’s chapels, churches or halls. Funeral Directors, faith leaders, and civil celebrants will help those organising the funeral in their selection of an alternative location for the service and to ensure the needs of families and friends are met.

For anyone wanting a service to be run by crematorium staff, Queens Cross Church and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have kindly made available their premises to provide families an additional choice of venue for the funeral service. Attendant staff from the Crematorium will provide a funeral service similar to the provision at the Crematorium. These services and cremations can be booked by phoning the Crematorium office on 01224 740722, and funeral directors will be able to assist families book these services.

The cost of a cremation and chapel service at Queens Cross Church/The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints will remain at the current price of £693.

The cost of a cremation-only with no chapel service will be reduced to £543 during the refurbishment to allow families the flexibility to arrange alternative locations for a service.

If the family members or friends of the deceased would prefer to have the funeral service and cremation together, other crematoria will be able to accommodate this.