Work to start on wetland at Seaton Park

Work is to start in a few weeks on the formal creation of the wetland at Seaton Park.

Aberdeen City Council has put out to tender for the work, which is due to start in the middle of March.

The works include digging out wetland, creating drainage, and adding paths, signage and planting.

Aberdeen City Council Communities, Housing and Infrastructure vice convener Councillor Jean Morrison said: "It will be a fantastic asset to the park and will also

help to prevent homes and businesses from being flooded.

"There is a myriad of wildlife already in the area due to the River Don meandering through the park and the extensive woodlands, and the formal creation of the wetland will add to this.

"We hope people will enjoy the wetland area which also adds to the facilities at the park."

Public consultations have taken place for the work which will cost a total of about £90,000. Four designs were offered during the public consultation and there was a preference for the 'Quite Wet' option.

Some of the funding has come from Aberdeen Greenspace, and Sustrans is paying for some of the paths.

This project is helping to implement the City Council's Nature Conservation Strategy which was created to enable it to meet various legal requirements to conserve natural heritage.

This project will also help to implement the Open Space Strategy which is aimed at ensuring the city has enough accessible and good quality open space and includes the need to 'protect, enhance and value our environment for current and future generations'.

The idea of the wetland at Seaton Park was inspired by the recent success of the East Tullos Burn Environment Improvements Project at St. Fitticks Park where flooding was alleviated with the inclusion of wetlands to manage water levels from the burn, as well as improved access and increased biodiversity.