Width restriction approved at committee to prevent HGVs on School Road and Golf Road

A width restriction on a section of Golf Road has today been approved at Aberdeen City Council’s operational delivery committee to reduce HGV traffic.

The restriction between the junctions of Regent Walk and Linksfield Road will mean HGVs would not be able to use School Road and Golf Road as a rat-run and instead they would have to drive on King Street which is a main road used to access the city bypass (AWPR).

Aberdeen City Council transport spokesperson Councillor Sandra Macdonald said: “The width restriction on Golf Road will make a big difference to people living in the Seaton area as HGVs will now have to use King Street instead.

“We look forward to getting feedback from the local community and results from the surveys to take place after the width restriction is installed.”

The width restriction proposal comes after the Seaton Network group raised a petition which was considered at operational delivery committee at a meeting on 12 November 2019.

The committee members then noted that officers had recently undertaken traffic surveys in the area and were due to examine the results and look at various options as a result.

The report before today’s committee said the traffic surveys indicated that between 7,765 to 10,147 vehicles use this route during a working day, and 9.3% to 12.1% of this is considered as Light or Heavy Goods Vehicles. The average vehicle speeds on School Road are around 21mph westbound and 24mph eastbound with 85% speeds of 28mph westbound and 29mph eastbound.

The report also said a review of collision data involving injuries since 2014 has shown there to be no recorded incidents on School Road although there were several reported incidents on other sections of the route but none of these involve an HGV or have speed cited as a likely causation factor. There have been three collisions at the Urquhart Road / Park Road junction, but these predate the installation of the traffic signals which were installed to improve road safety at the junction.

The report added that having considered the options, a width restriction installed on Golf Road, between the junctions of Regent Walk and Linksfield Road, is the most practical solution to address people’s concerns at this time. This option would prevent all unnecessary through HGV traffic in Seaton whilst ensuring HGVs that have legitimate access to either side of the restriction can still do so.

Officers will survey the location after the width restriction is in place and will also consider the installation of temporary vehicle activated signs as well as supporting continued enforcement work by Police Scotland.

A statutory consultation period and public consultation will now be held into the width restriction with the associated normal legal process to follow thereafter.