Victoria Road School site to be placed on the market

The former Victoria Road School in Torry is to be placed on the open market – with the aim that prospective buyers retain existing buildings.

The approach was agreed by members of Aberdeen City Council today (Monday 05 March 2018).

The decision followed hearing from members of the Torry Development Trust to consider options for the vacant property.

Members of the Finance, Policy and Resources Committee had previously considered a report recommending the Council cleared the site, including the demolition of the dis-used school building, to enhance the prospects of attracting a buyer for the land.

A different approach was agreed at today’s meeting of Full Council - with the aim of retaining the traditional school buildings in any future redevelopment of the site.

Councillor Douglas Lumsden, Aberdeen City Council Co-Leader, said: “Full Council has today agreed the recommendation that the site is placed on the open market with the clear intention of retaining as many of the existing traditional school buildings as possible. This different approach takes into account the strong feelings which have been expressed by the community in Torry.

“We recognise Victoria Road School is part of Torry’s story and are demonstrating our will to preserve that built heritage if at all possible. The marketing of the site in this way will give us a clear indication of whether there is a viable proposal for its sale on this basis.

“We have engaged with the Torry Development Trust throughout the process and will continue to do so. Through the open marketing of the site there remains an opportunity for the Trust to take forward its plan for the site.”

Previous plans for private housing development at the location fell through in 2017 after the proposed scheme was refused planning permission.

The outcome of the new marketing exercise will be brought back to the appropriate committee after the summer recess.