Update: Waste collections

Householders are being advised to continue to follow the new kerbside waste and recycling calendar which came into force today (6 March).

The calendar is available online at: http://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/waste/waste_recycling/waste_household.asp

There has been some disruption to initial collections as changes have been rolled out throughout the city and residents are being asked to follow the new schedule even if they have not received their new bins, with delivery ongoing. Existing bins, boxes and bags can be used until the new general waste bin has been delivered.

An Aberdeen City Council spokesperson said: “This is a major long term investment and as can happen with major changes there can be some teething problems. We have undertaken an extensive programme of communication with householders including letters and calendars, press and radio adverts, street and bus advertising and social media.

“Given the nature of the changes, we did not anticipate, even with this level of communication, that the initial stages of the roll out would be flawless and so we would ask people to bear with us and they will very quickly see a service that will deliver major results in meeting our environmental targets and real benefits in landfill tax savings to the city.”