Transport options agreed for south of city pupils

Pupils in the Torry and Kincorth areas will be given free transport to the new Lochside Academy, it has been agreed by Aberdeen City Council’s Education and Children’s Services committee today (Thursday 16 November).

Lochside Academy will replace Kincorth and Torry Academies on the site of Calder Park, Redmoss Road, Altens and is due to open in August 2018.

Pupils travelling from the Cove area will be offered a supported bus service for which they will have to pay a fare. The price of the fare has yet to be decided.

Council officers had reported that they were satisfied pupils in Cove could walk or cycle safely to school and that they would not require subsidised transport however the members of the committee agreed that a subsidised bus service should be provided.

Convener of Education and Children’s Services Committee Councillor John Wheeler said: “The committee listened and took on board the concerns raised by parents at the public meetings and have included additional measures to ensure the safety of all pupils.”