Transition to Target Operating Model

As part of the next stage of the transition to a new Target Operating Model (TOM), Aberdeen City Council has agreed via its Strategic Transformation Committee (STC) to reduce the headcount of the organisation by up to 230 full time equivalent (FTE) posts.

An additional 140 FTE posts which are currently vacant and not required within the TOM will also be disestablished.

The reduction in posts together with the dis-establishment of current vacant posts is expected to realise £10.378million in savings in 2018/19 and it is hoped these savings can be achieved through voluntary means. The Council employs approximately 8,500 staff.

Members of the committee approved the reduction as one of several recommendations in a report on the migration to the TOM which was considered on Friday (9 February 2018).

The decision does not impact on the ongoing and future recruitment for posts required within the new structure.

Angela Scott, Chief Executive of Aberdeen City Council, said: “We are committed to managing the reduction in posts in as sensitive and understanding way as we can.

“As opportunities for change are identified, primarily as a result of teams coming together in the functional structure and highlighting duplication, employees will be involved through both engagement and consultation.

“This morning we met with Trade Union representatives to outline the consultation process and we will continue to work with the workforce to shape the future of the Council.

“It is important to note there will continue to be opportunities to fill vacancies for posts at the heart of the TOM, many of which will appeal to existing Aberdeen City Council employees keen to utilise existing skills or to explore options for retraining.”

During the remainder of February the Council plans to establish the extent of FTE post reduction that can be achieved through further disestablishment of vacant posts, agency worker relationships, secondments and non-renewal of fixed term contracts. Previously non-supported VSER applications will also be reconsidered.

New organisational structures adopted as part of the transition to the TOM are expected to be implemented throughout March. All timeframes are indicative and dependent on the outcome of consultation meetings and logistical considerations.

The STC agenda and associated papers, which include a review of Council assets, can be viewed online: https://goo.gl/HS724a