Third Don Crossing road speed limit

A 30mph speed limit was agreed today by Aberdeen City Council for a new stretch of road as part of the £18million Third Don Crossing project.

The council's Communities, Housing and Infrastructure committee agreed to the speed limit after members of the public had objected to a proposed 40mph speed limit on the stretch of road from its junction with the A90 Parkway and its junction with Gordon's Mills Road.

Aberdeen City Council Communities, Housing and Infrastructure convener Councillor Neil Cooney said: "We are happy to go with what local residents wanted for the speed limit.

"The speed limit along with the other agreed parts of the report help to move along the £18million Third Don Crossing project."

The committee agreed to a recommendation to remove the current Fire Path at the junction of Bedford Road and Hermitage Avenue.

The report stated as there is to be a bus gate to be introduced on Bedford Road, some of the current restrictions within the area become redundant. Removing the Fire Path provides a further access/egress option to Hermitage Avenue for residents and there would be no potential for rat-running through this area given there will no longer be through traffic on Bedford Road due to the bus gate.

The report said opening up of this junction also provides a route for vehicles which have missed the advance signage indicating there is no through road at the point of the bus gate ie a route to loop round via Hermitage Avenue, Sunnyside Avenue and Sunnyside Road.