The Council Gardener - how to get your lawn looking luscious

Find out in this video how to make your grass grow lush and green, and how to lay turf - https://youtu.be/K-Bvs2RZgB8. Here’s some handy information below of what The Council Gardener is talking about in the video.

Actions and To-Do List

Making a tilth - preparing ground/soil by digging, raking , firming, and raking again so soil is in right condition to sow seed or lay turf.

Grass seed - good amenity seed, this consists of a few different types of grass such as fescue, bent and rye. This is so you get a grass that is hard-wearing, lush green, and grows well.

Turf - always lay in corner or edge of area you are turning into a lawn. Use a board longer than a roll if working in large area or across the turf - do not stand on the turf. Lay in a brick-effect pattern as to not have lines that dry up together. Apart from butting ends together to match turf, you can lay rolls slightly on top of each and cut through with edging iron or knife to have a perfect match. Always cover all exposed edges with soil once finished and water in well. Water every day until turf has rooted in.