Start planned for Schoolhill city centre improvement scheme

Services diversions focusing on the telecoms apparatus near the War Memorial on the corner of Schoolhill/Blackfriars Street will take place in mid-October and are expected to take several weeks.

The works are to allow the commencement of the streetscape project early next year which will enhance the setting of the Aberdeen Art Gallery and the War Memorial by reducing the width of the carriageway and creating more footway space while continuing to accommodate two-way traffic on Schoolhill.

Councillor Marie Boulton, Aberdeen City Council spokesperson for the City Centre Masterplan, said: “The Schoohill improvement scheme and long term plans for the area are very much aligned with the City Centre Masterplan’s vision of Aberdeen as a greener, safer, more inclusive city.”

Vehicular access to Schoolhill and Blackfriars Street will not be significantly affected by the works, which will be completed ahead of Remembrance Sunday on November 11. Measures will be put in place to maintain pedestrian access to crossing points. 

The slip road outside Robert Gordon’s College will remain open during both the service diversion works in October and during construction work next year.