Shortlist of harbour transport links drawn up

Plans to improve transport links to and from Aberdeen South Harbour (ASH) – where new facilities are being built at Nigg Bay – have taken another step forward.  

Aberdeen City Council’s City Growth and Resources Committee today gave its backing to a shortlist of options, subject to approval by the UK Government and Scottish Government. 

Within the Aberdeen City Region Deal, £25 million has been allocated from the UK Government (£12.5m) and Scottish Government (£12.5m) for the transport infrastructure to support the harbour expansion.  

The next stage will be a more detailed assessment – Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance Part 2 – which will consider safety and cost as well as social, environmental and economic. 

City Growth and Resources Committee convener Councillor Douglas Lumsden said: “With construction of Aberdeen Harbour Board’s £350 million South Harbour under way, we need to ensure that we get the land connections right. 

“That is, right for the new harbour operations, the City Region, and for residents. This is an enormously significant development and we need to maximise the broader benefits while preserving the quality of life in the local area.” 

Transport Planning Objectives include a designated HGV route to help minimise nuisance and appropriate public transport connections. 

The options are: 


  • New connection from Greenwell Road / Greenbank Road via St Fitticks Community Park to Coast Road with a new bridge under the railway line 

  • New connection from Greenwell Road / Greenbank Road via the former Ness Landfill site and a new bridge over the railway 

  • Improve the existing route via Hareness Road with a new bridge over the railway on Coast Road and capacity improvements 

  • New connection between Coast Road and Souter Head Road and a new bridge over the railway on Coast Road 


  • Extend/enhance existing bus services between ASH and city centre  

  • New bus service between ASH and city centre for cruise ship visitors 


  • Enhance active travel routes between Nigg Bay and city centre 

  • Dedicated cycle route from the Coast Road through Tullos Hill to the A956 and onward to the Deeside Way 

The public and stakeholders will be consulted as part of the STAG 2 appraisal and their views will form part of future considerations by the committee. 

Following earlier feedback from residents, plans for a new link between Cove and the industrial area on Souter Head Road have been dropped because concerns about the removal of the existing tree barrier. 

The appraisal work would be managed by Aberdeen City Council with oversight from the City Region Deal Transportation Working Group.