Service to be held for people affected by past practices at Aberdeen Crematorium

A cross-denominational service is to be held in November for the people affected by the recent Baby Ashes sadness at Aberdeen Crematorium.

The service, which will be hosted by Aberdeen Churches Together, is to be held at the Kirk of St Nicholas in Aberdeen city centre, on Sunday November 6. Aberdeen Churches Together will be supported by Aberdeen City Council in inviting parents and other family members affected by what has happened.

Reverend Hugh Wallace, spokesman for Aberdeen Churches Together, said: “The recent Baby Ashes sadness has affected many people who used the services of Aberdeen Crematorium over the years, and we feel a church service may be of help and bring some comfort for the families of those affected.

“People deal with grief in many different ways and while some may not feel this service is right for them, there are others who might feel it is of benefit.

“Anyone who does not wish to attend the service, but at some point later in time may wish to speak with us, are more than welcome to contact us at that time.

“Whilst recognising that the service will only be part of a journey to the healing and reconciliation we all desire, we believe that the service may help to begin the process.”

Letters were sent on Friday (30 Sept) to people who had contacted the council inviting them to attend the service if they wish.

Anyone wishing to attend should contact Aberdeen Churches Together on aberdeenchurchestogether@gmail.com. Further contact will be made directly to nearer the time.