“Scoop Troop” launched as pupils tackle dog fouling with detective work

Pupils at Seaton Primary school have become mini-detectives in a bid to stamp out dog fouling on their streets.

The “Scoop Troop” have been tasked with tracking areas of their neighbourhood which are hotspots for dog fouling.

As part of the Scoop Watch initiative, the Primary 5 pupils received training and education around the issue of dog fouling and have been mapping out which Seaton Streets are the worst.

Aberdeen City Council’s Environmental Health Dog Wardens and City Wardens have since been able to draft more resources to target the red areas highlighted by the pupils and to issue fixed penalty notices to offenders.

Aberdeen City Council’s Communities, Housing and Infrastructure convener Councillor Neil Cooney said: “This is a highly important initiative which will help to stamp out an illegal practice that has blighted our streets for years.

“Scoop Watch is the perfect way to get children involved in highlighting dog fouling on our streets and the added educational value will ensure that the next generation grow up fully aware of the consequences of dog fouling.”

The Scoop Watch initiative is part of a wider campaign by the local authority to promote a more responsible attitude to dog ownership through education and awareness.

The campaign also features Scoop the Dog who tours schools in Aberdeen to speak to children and perform the Scoop Rap.

From 1 April 2016, the penalty cost for dog fouling increased from £40 to £80 to make the penalty equal the fine for littering.

Residents are urged to contact the Environmental Health Dog Wardens on 01224 523 737 if they know of anyone who allows their dog to foul but does not pick up. This maybe something witnessed within the street, park or even a shared back court area.