Safety measures to mark start on Union Terrace Gardens

Contractors are to start on site on Monday, September 9, as work gets under way to transform Union Terrace Gardens (UTG).

The £25.7 million Aberdeen City Council project is being taken forward as part of the City Centre Masterplan and will greatly improve access, amenity and activity when completed in Summer 2021.

Key project elements include elevated walkways, new pavilions, event space, play facilities, and extensive planting to increase biodiversity within the Victorian park.

Construction contractor Balfour Beatty anticipates a six week period of set-up.

The Council is committed to creating a safe working environment for both contractors and the general public throughout the build process.

Pavements bordering UTG (listed below) will close from next week to accommodate protective hoardings that will surround the site:

  • Eastern footway on Union Terrace
  • Part of the southern footway on Rosemount Viaduct
  • Northern footway on Union Bridge

The slip road between Rosemount Viaduct and Union Terrace is being permanently closed off.

During 2020, the hoardings will be extended into Union Terrace to enable arch replacement, strengthening of the balustrades and footway widening. Traffic management measures will be needed to maintain a safe working space and the Council is exploring ways to keep travel disruption to a minimum.

The addition of a permanent safety structure to Union Bridge will be part of the first stage of project work. Temporary fencing currently in front of the bridge parapet will be removed and attached messages kept in storage.

Aberdeen City Council is continuing to work closely with the Health and Social Care Partnership and other community planning partners to ensure that the best possible community mental health services are delivered.