Residents thanked for their community spirit during the snowy weather

Residents were today thanked for their community spirit during the current snowy weather as hundreds of people helped out by gritting side streets and paths in their areas.

Aberdeen City Council’s fleet of road and pavement gritters along with roads and parks & gardens staff have been working round-the-clock in sub-zero temperatures keeping the city’s main roads and pavements (priority 1 routes) and main neighbourhood roads and pavements (priority 2 routes) gritted.

The council’s main priority is ensuring the main roads and pavements are gritted however when there are continual snow showers such as what the city has experienced during this snowfall, it means these areas have to be continually gritted.

Aberdeen City Council transport spokesman Councillor Ross Grant said “The community spirit during the snow was fantastic to see, with neighbours looking out for each other and people gritting pavements and roads in the areas where unfortunately we couldn’t get to.

“Our first priority will always be to grit main roads and pavements, and the main neighbourhood roads and pavements, so that residents can access main amenities and bus routes. When we have continual snow showers like we have experienced during this snowfall, it means we’re continually working away to keep these areas gritted and can’t get out to side streets and pavements.

“Now the temperatures are rising and it’s a bit warmer, more potholes will appear in our city’s roads as they do at the end of every winter. Roads staff have started to repair potholes today and anyone wanting to tell us about potholes should use the Report It function on our website (https://integration.aberdeencity.gov.uk/en/service/road_defect).”

Aberdeen City Council increased levels of gritting staff throughout the weekend to allow the winter response action to be similar to the working week.

Pavement gritting is taking place today in Kingswells and Cove.