Residents reminded yellow weather warning still in place

Residents were today reminded that although the heavy snow showers have mostly stopped in Aberdeen that there is still a yellow weather warning which means the snow is causing disruption of day-to-day life.

The City Council’s round-the-clock gritting operations are still continuing over the weekend which has the yellow warning, meaning severe weather is possible and could affect them, and it also means people should plan ahead and think about possible travel delays.

The full complement of roads services staff was again battling the freezing temperatures and snow showers in road and pavement gritters and on foot to spread salt on roads and pavements.

In response to the yellow weather warning which is due to stay in place for Saturday and Sunday, Aberdeen City Council is increasing levels of gritting staff throughout the weekend to allow the winter response action to be similar to the working week.

If the weather remains the same and the main roads are quieter, the intention is to grit side streets (priority 3 routes). However, motorists were today asked while parking their vehicles over the weekend to ensure they leave enough space on these streets otherwise road gritters cannot get through and the street will not be gritted.

The areas particularly affected by this include housing estates and suburbs and, if possible, motorists are asked to park appropriately preferably only on one side of the street as the roads where cars are parked at both sides, it frequently narrows the road to the extent a gritter will not be able to get through.

Aberdeen City Council transport spokesman Councillor Ross Grant said: “Our road and pavement gritting operations have continued with a high demand on resources of both salt being used and staff out in the freezing conditions doing their best to ensure the main roads and pavements are usable.

“The weather over the weekend is forecast to be very similar and people should continue to expect icy roads and pavements and take appropriate care – there’s still a yellow weather warning in place which means the snow will continue to cause disruption to everyday life. We’ve already arranged for increased numbers of gritting staff then so they are at the same levels as during the week

“Our gritting operations again focused on keeping main roads and pavements clear, and were also in neighbourhood areas keeping the main access roads and pavements clear there too. We also responded to the area of Sheddocksley needing extra attention, and also gritted around the hilly area of Langstane Place/Windmill Brae in the city centre before the revellers came out in the evening. We’re also gritting around Pittodrie tomorrow morning before the football match starts.

“As always, we’d ask people to plan any journey they’re undertaking and follow local police advice on Twitter and Facebook for road safety updates.”

There were no major issues with waste collection crews picking up normal collections today and yesterday after crews helped each other out, and the City Council is asking people to be patient if their bins are not collected over the next few days, and waste collection crews will attempt to catch up as soon as they can.

ACC resources which were used to battle the weather today included 17 road gritters, 15 pavement gritters, 9 pick-ups which distribute the salt to the pavement gritters, 50 roads services staff, with additional help to 50 grounds services staff with vehicles working in sheltered housing areas, cemeteries and pavements.