Residents reminded to cut back foliage from pavements

With spring finally arrived, city residents were today reminded to cut back foliage from pavements and roads to ensure people have a clear passageway.

Homeowners have a legal responsibility to make sure there are no overhanging trees, hedges and other shrubbery, or plants.

Aberdeen City Council operational delivery convener Councillor John Wheeler said: “Now that the warmer spring weather is here, people are starting to tidy up their gardens so they are reminded there is a legal responsibility to ensure pavements and roads are kept free from overhanging foliage. Our own staff are also doing the same for areas we are responsible for.

“Hopefully the sunny weather will continue all spring and summer but it does mean plants will naturally continue to sprout so folk are reminded to keep cutting back foliage which hangs over pavements and roads.”

Aberdeen City Council parks and gardens staff have already undertaken the same work for the city’s public green spaces along with their other spring time planting duties.

Other staff are checking for overhanging foliage on other pavements and roads around the city as part of ACC’s responsibilities as a landowner as part of the regular checks. Anyone with queries should contact ACC on 03000 200 292.