Residents reminded to cut back foliage from pavements and roads

City residents were today reminded to cut back foliage from pavements and roads to ensure people have a clear passageway particularly so they can easily physically distance.

The recent warm weather has provided the perfect growing conditions for shrubs, hedges and trees to thrive across the region.

However, with that comes the issue of growth causing an obstruction to footpaths which can impede or even injure pedestrians – particularly those with impaired vision, the elderly, and people using wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Homeowners have a legal responsibility to make sure there are no overhanging trees, hedges and other shrubbery, or plants.

You should take action to cut back foliage if:

• Your hedge/shrub restricts the width of the pavement;

• People are being forced to walk at the edge of the footpath or the road;

• Trees on your land overhang a footpath or road.

A Council spokesperson said: “NHS Scotland says it particularly important as lockdown eases that people can physically distance when they are out and about, as part of the fight against COVID-19 and trying to prevent a second spike of the virus.

“We’re reminding residents they have a legal responsibility to ensure pavements and roads are kept free from overhanging foliage. Our own staff are also doing the same for areas we are responsible for.

“Hopefully we’ll have a nice sunny Aumumn but it does mean plants will naturally continue to sprout so folk are reminded to keep cutting back foliage which hangs over pavements and roads.”

Aberdeen City Council parks and gardens staff are undertaking the same work for the city’s public green spaces. Other staff are checking for overhanging foliage on other pavements and roads around the city as part of ACC’s responsibilities as a landowner as part of regular checks.