Residents reminded not to fly-tip while household waste and recycling centres are closed

Residents were today reminded they should be storing extra or larger items of waste during the current coronavirus situation and should not fly-tip these whilst household waste and recycling centres remain closed.

Household waste and recycling centres (HWRC) across Scotland are closed to help stop the spread of coronavirus as visiting a recycling centre is not on the list of essential journeys. People are allowed out currently to go to work if they cannot work from home, to get food, or for a walk, jog or cycle as daily exercise.

The household waste and recycling centres will only reopen following a change in government advice and when it is safe to do so. Local authorities across Scotland are taking practical steps to consider under what circumstances centres could reopen, once the national travel advice is changed. This work includes considering how physical distancing at centres can be maintained in order to help protect staff and members of the public.

Aberdeen City Council operational delivery convener Councillor John Wheeler said: “More people are at home during lockdown and may be keen to do some spring cleaning or do some DIY jobs around the house or in the garden but please consider what to do with the waste produced by these activities - any extra waste or large items should be stored safely until HWRCs are open again.

“People should not be tempted to fly-tip waste - fly-tipping is a crime, regardless of the circumstances, and presents a hazard to people and the environment. At a time when local authorities are stretched, being asked to deal with fly-tipping is a burden that can reduce the service available to other areas of the community in need of support.

“While this is a challenging time for everyone, the restrictions and disruption are temporary and people’s patience and understanding is really appreciated.”

Residents are asked if they choose to use a private contractor to remove waste, they should check the contractor is an authorised and licensed carrier and ask where they will dispose of the waste they collect. Residents are also asked to consider if the job can wait if there is nowhere to store their waste, or to delay delivery of new furniture if there is nowhere to store old items.

In addition, the website managingourwaste.scot has tips and advice about minimising waste by doing things such as avoiding unnecessary packaging, only buying what is needed, and maximising space in bins by flattening and squashing contents.

For residents who are tidying up their garden, they could consider composting at home with information at http://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/home-composting

Recycling points are still available at many supermarkets and shopping centres but residents should not make special trips to use them. Instead, residents could use them to drop off recyclable items before they are do their essential shopping, in line with Government guidance. Residents should, where possible, clean their hands before and after use.

Householders should be aware any additional items left beside bins will not be collected. Residents are also reminded that they should not leave anything beside the bins at recycling points or communal bins.

With the closure of the household waste and recycling centres and the suspension of the bulky uplift service, residents are reminded they should ensure that large items intended for disposal are stored safely away from communal areas