Residents’ letter for the Berryden Corridor Improvement Scheme

A letter is being sent to residents who potentially could be affected by the £22million Berryden Corridor Improvement Scheme.

The scheme involves widening the existing road to a dual carriageway with associated junction improvements from Skene Square to Ashgrove Road, and a new dual carriageway built from Ashgrove Drive to the St Machar Drive roundabout.

It should be emphasised the detailed design for the scheme has not been finalised and therefore the full extent of land required is yet to be determined..

Aberdeen City Council transport regeneration spokesman Councillor Ross Grant said: "We don't want residents to worry unnecessarily, and anyone with any queries should get in contact with Aberdeen City Council with their concerns.

"The £22million scheme will help ease congestion in the area linking up to the Denburn underpass and the Third Don Crossing, and is part of our strategic infrastructure plan where we look at the transport needs across the whole of the city rather than areas in isolation."

The letter sets out that checks are being undertaken by the Registers of Scotland to establish ownership of land required for the scheme. Aberdeen City Council has employed Brodies Solicitors which may contact residents to review ownership information.

It says if land within a resident's or business's ownership or tenancy agreement is required for the scheme, Aberdeen City Council will seek to purchase their rights to the land.

The letter said while it would be preferable that land is bought under negotiation with the landowner but if it cannot be acquired on that basis, Aberdeen City Council intends to use compulsory purchase powers. Any compulsory purchase would have to go to committee for approval.

A booklet explaining the compulsory purchase process is to be included with the letter. Anyone wanting to discuss compensation and land acquisition inquiries should speak to the Aberdeen City Council Estates Team, and road design or construction inquiries should be directed to the Aberdeen City Council Roads Team. The Estates Team can be reached on 01224 523064 or email estates@aberdeencity.gov.uk, and the Roads Team on 01224 522410 or BerrydenCIS@aberdeencity.gov.uk.