Recycling reminder goes out to double waste bin users

Users of unauthorised second waste bins will find a special recycling message attached to their additional bins from this week (w/c 24 October).

The bin hanger messages will be attached by waste fleets over the course of the next two weeks and tells users of unauthorised bins that only one bin will be collected from households per fortnight and of the options for recycling more.

The message comes in advance of new kerbside waste and recycling services that will come into effect in March 2017. This will see existing 240 general waste bins become a mixed recycling bin replacing box and bags currently used for recycling. Residents will also be provided with smaller 180 litre general waste bins when the programme is rolled out. Second general waste bins will be removed unless authorised.

The new recycling bins mean householders will be able to recycle a wider range of materials at the kerbside than they can at present, including plastic pots, tubs and trays and food and drink cartons.

Councillor Jean Morrison, Zero Waste Sub-committee convener, said: “This is the second bin hanger campaign in recent months as we want to give users of unauthorised bins ample notice and time to prepare for service changes.

“We need to become smarter about recycling not only to meet statutory obligations but because it’s the right thing to do. We are making significant investments in recycling, including a Materials Recycling Facility in Altens, but every one of us has a role to play”.

Residents with an authorised second bin will receive two 180 litre bins under the new system, however this will still represent a reduction in the capacity for general waste. Householders who wish to have an authorised second bin and who meet the criteria can apply for one by visiting http://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/waste/news/waste_news_general_waste.asp

and completing the application form or calling the Waste and Recycling Team on 03000 200 292.

Each household will receive waste and recycling collections on the same day on a two week cycle, for example, Tuesday Week 1 – Recycling Collection, Tuesday Week 2 – Waste Collection. This means that collection days will change for some householders.

The collection routes, and therefore the collection days, will change first. Following this change, householders will receive their new waste and recycling containers.

The food and garden waste recycling service will not change; residents will keep their brown wheelie bins.