Pupils and teachers thanked for their hard work in extraordinary circumstances as results are announced

Aberdeen City Council today (Tuesday 4 August) thanked the city’s teaching staff and pupils for their hard work in “extraordinary circumstances” as SQA attainment results revealed that young people in Aberdeen schools have improved overall SQA pass rates despite the impact of Covid-19.

Attainment in National 5, Highers and Advanced Highers is at a five year high with clear evidence of some young people being presented earlier for some national awards. There is also evidence of young people being presented for a wider range of qualifications this year with more flexible routes such as engagement with the Foundation Apprenticeships and National Progression Awards being achieved particularly at SCQF Level 4 and SCQF Level 5.

There has been a significant improvement in pupils attaining grades A-C at National 3, National 5, Highers and Advanced Highers.

There were 5 entries from special schools in 2020.

Councillor John Wheeler, Education Operational Delivery Convener, said: "I am really pleased with the results particularly in light of the extraordinary circumstances in which they were achieved.

“The sheer scale of the Covid-19 pandemic has been such that it could easily have had a negative impact on learning and attainment. However, the innovation and dedication from teaching staff that went into online home learning and the diligence of the students has meant performance improved across SQA measures. I am particularly delighted with the success of our special school pupils who attained National 2 qualifications. My thanks go out to everyone involved for staying focused during the last few challenging months.

“I appreciate this that is only part of the picture across the City and look forward to reviewing our Insight data, which shows a fuller view of attainment and achievement for our pupils, upon publication in September 2020”

Councillor Wheeler added: “The dedication, enthusiasm and professional commitment shown throughout the year by pupils, head teachers, teachers and support staff has been exceptional.

“Teachers in particular, have coped admirably with the additional burdens placed upon them by the pandemic including the task of providing overall assessment of pupil performance in order to facilitate awards in lieu of examinations this year”.

Aberdeen City Council Co-Leader Cllr Jenny Laing said: This year has been perhaps the most challenging ever faced by our schools but the innovative approaches in embracing learning technology, providing childcare hubs, providing free school meals vouchers and retaining a sense of community within schools despite the lockdown has been inspirational.

“My congratulations go out to all our young people who have completed this year’s SQA curriculum despite the enormous difficulties Covid-19 has placed on them.

“I would also give a very special thanks to the staff in our schools for their hard work and commitment to supporting children and young people through their school journey in what has been a unique academic year.”

“As we are demonstrating through our Local Outcome Improvement Plan, we are totally committed to ensuring our children have the best foundations by removing barriers to attainment and achievement”.

Aberdeen’s schools are preparing to re-open for the new academic year and staff are working hard to ensure that buildings, health and safety measures and curriculum are all in place for the big return on Wednesday 12 August.