Public warned of slippery conditions on pavements and roads tomorrow

People are being warned that pavements and roads are likely to be very slippery tomorrow morning due to below 0C temperatures overnight and after the freeze-thaw-freeze experienced today.

Aberdeen City Council pavement and road gritters have been out all day and will be out this evening as well as from 4.45am onwards tomorrow, however it is likely they will be icy tomorrow, particularly on higher ground.

Earlier this morning, the rain showers washed away the salt and then froze the city’s streets, and in other places once thawed, washed the salt away and the pavement and roads then froze again, in a very short timescale.

This led to icy conditions, and, with below 0C temperatures forecast for overnight, many pavements across the city will be slippery tomorrow. For the 1,242 miles of pavements around the city, the priority two routes were gritted earlier today, and priority one routes will be gritted from 4.45am tomorrow.

City Council road gritters were out this afternoon pre-treating the primary routes (main roads) and will be out again on these routes this evening, and roads gritted again from 4.45am. There are 560 miles of roads in the city and almost half are prioritised as primary routes.

More information about how roads and pavements are prioritised for gritting is available at www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/winter.

An Aberdeen City Council spokeswoman said: “We will, as always, grit the primary routes (main roads) on roads and priority 1 pavements first however with the below 0C weather forecast, even these could be icy tomorrow morning.

“Unfortunately, we cannot be everywhere at once and, as we have limited resources, roads and pavements have to be prioritised for gritting.”

Road-users are asked to be prepared by planning their journey, take extra time, listen to police advice, and work from home if possible. Pedestrians are asked also to plan their journey and consider if it’s necessary, take their time, wear appropriate clothing, and have an alternative plan such as taking a bus or taxi, or working from home if possible. Parents should decide whether the journey to schools should be made in adverse weather conditions.

People are also asked to be neighbourly and check if elderly or vulnerable neighbours need any shopping essentials.