Preparing for climate change: action plan to be drawn up

A draft framework for dealing with the impact of climate change on Aberdeen is to go out for public consultation. 

Aberdeen Adapts aims to improve the city’s resilience to extreme weather events by identifying measures to protect critical services and ensure people remain safe from harm. 

Aberdeen City Council’s City Growth and Resources Committee has agreed to explore a partnership approach through a Climate Adaptation Framework. 

Committee convener Councillor Douglas Lumsden said: “Climate change affects everyone  the public sector, the private sector, communities across the city.  

“Working together on an implementation plan will help safeguard people, the economy and the place. 

“At the same time we are continuing to take steps to green our activities and manage our resources in an environmentally responsible manner.”  

Public bodies have a statutory requirement under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 to adapt to climate change, which has led to increased episodes of flooding and heatwaves across the globe. 

Challenges can range from maintaining transport links to safeguarding the natural environment. 

Adaptation Scotland provided support for the development of the city’s framework, working with the University of Aberdeen. 

The draft draws on stakeholder input and builds on local adaptation actions already in place, including joint emergency response planning and education programmes. 

Following the eight-week consultation (the start date will be announced in due course) a report will be brought back to the committee for further consideration. 

Further details about the framework can be found here.