Pledge to ensure children and young people are protected from harm

Aberdeen City Council has renewed its commitment to protecting children and young people from harm.

Members of the Finance, Policy and Resources committee have given their support to an updated Corporate Child Protection Policy and Procedure.

The new document is based on the responsibility of all local authorities in Scotland to ensure that all services recognise and actively consider potential risks to a child – irrespective of whether the child is the main focus of their involvement.

Cllr Douglas Lumsden, Aberdeen City Council Co-Leader and convener of the Finance, Policy and Resources committee, said: “The policy clearly states that every child and young person in Aberdeen has the right to be kept safe and protected from harm.

“That is fundamental to the Council’s role in the city and a responsibility that staff and elected members should be conscious of at all times.

“We want every child in Aberdeen to thrive and to have the opportunity to play their part in the city’s future. The policy recognises that keeping children safe is about more than physical safety, with emotional and mental wellbeing equally important. That approach is welcome and it a positive step to have the updated guidance in place.”

The report and policy can be found at item 9.5 here.