Play parks to be replaced or refurbished in next financial year

A total of 17 play parks are to be replaced or refurbished at a total cost of £590,000 in the next financial year as agreed at the City Council’s Communities, Housing and Infrastructure committee today.

The play areas, which are situated around the city, follow on from improvements to other play parks made since 2012/13.

The play areas targeted for the next financial year are Seaton Gardens South, Kingswood Gardens, Persley Crescent, Callum Park, Orchard Street, Colthill Road, Oldtown Terrace, Ash Hill Road, Seaton Place East, Lee Crescent, Middle Brae, Devenick Place, Sheddocksley Community Centre, Stewart Park, Piries Lane, The Meadows, and Westfield Park.

The report to committee said once priorities are finalised and budgets set, design briefs should be completed and out to tender by May. As in previous years, communities will be consulted on the proposals for higher value sites. All refurbishment work will be completed within the 2017/18 financial year.

Aberdeen City Council Communities, Housing and Infrastructure convener Councillor Neil Cooney said: “We are delighted to bring these play park replacements or refurbishments forward and I’m sure the children in these communities will be looking forward to getting their new play areas.”

A review of the Aberdeen’s play area inspection regime was carried out by the service in 2012/13, as a result of an identified decline in the overall condition of play areas. Following on from that review, new inspection, reporting and maintenance procedures have been put in place. These improved procedures are contributing to the overall improvement in the quality of play areas city wide.

The programme was structured to target the areas most in need of refurbishment, balanced against overall condition, play value and proximity to other areas.

Play areas throughout the city have been updated or replaced every year since 2012/13, and for the current financial year, the play areas and their costs were Coldstone Place (£15,000), Craigielea Avenue (£17,000) Wellside Place (£17,000), Eday Cr (£59,000), Morrison Drive (£25,000) Froghall Place (£53,000) Ferrier Cr (£79,000), Marquis Rd (£22,000), Kings Court (£23,000), Ruthrieston Circle (£39,000), Allan Park (£60,000), Coronation Rd (£15,000), Seaview Place (£30,000), Westerton of Auchmill (£30,000), Findon Ness (£25,000).

Partial refurbishments were carried out at Persley Cr (£10,000) and South Esplanade West (£7,000).

The report before committee further said the City Council upholds children’s rights to play in the City’s Play Policy, and some of the key action points contained within this policy are to monitor the city’s network of fixed play equipment sites to ensure that they are safe, well lit and maintained to a high standard, provide play opportunities within the city that are high quality challenging and safe, and promote the importance of play within the lives of Aberdeen’s children so that they are active and healthy.