Plans submitted for Union Bridge safety measure

A planning application was submitted today for the addition of a permanent safety structure on Union Bridge in Aberdeen.

Temporary fencing has been in place in front of the bridge parapet on Union Street as a deterrent.

The application was submitted by LDA Design, which was commissioned by Aberdeen City Council to draw up the plans.

The proposed barrier would be made from steel and powder coated in a copper colour, and would be a lighter structure to complement the existing parapet.

The application states that the design aims to respect the heritage value of the bridge while blending with proposals to revitalise Union Terrace Gardens (UTG), which were also produced by LDA Design.

If approved, the work – which would include the upgrading of the north pavement on Union Bridge – would as previously agreed by Council be delivered as part of Phase 1 of the UTG project.

The planning application can be found here