Plans moving forward for permanent Memorial

Plans are moving forward for a permanent Memorial for people affected by past practices at Aberdeen Crematorium after a meeting was held to discuss the next steps.

A group of volunteers from those who had attended the initial meetings took part in a Memorial Working Group on Saturday.

The attendees discussed the results of a questionnaire and information gleaned from the initial meetings which asked what form should the memorial take, what should be the mood of the memorial, are there any particular features which could be included (eg a place to sit), where in the city should it be placed, and what is important about the location (eg open and prominent or secluded and private).

From the meeting on Saturday, Hazlehead Park was the most popular choice for the location of a memorial and the Working Group walked the park looking at potential sites.

Other popular choices were that there should be a memorial structure/statue within a memorial garden with a seating area, and the area should be natural with all-year-round colour and plants to encourage birds and butterflies.

On Saturday, it was agreed a draft landscape plan incorporating some of the suggestions is provided to the next meeting of the working group. The centre piece memorial structure/statue will also be discussed in more detail at the next meeting.

Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland and SANDS Aberdeen have kindly agreed to be present at the meetings to offer their support to families. Anyone affected can also contact SANDS Aberdeen on 0870 7606649 or help@aberdeensands.com. The meetings are being supported by Aberdeen City Council.