Plans for controlled parking zone at Hill of Rubislaw move forward

Councillors in Aberdeen have agreed to move forward with plans for a controlled parking zone in the area surrounding the Hill of Rubislaw office complex.

The decision follows a period of statutory public consultation on the proposed CPZ, with 'Priority Parking' on the periphery of the core area.

Members of the Communities, Housing and Infrastructure Committee instructed officers to begin the process of informal consultation required for the detailed design of the 'Priority Parking' areas. Officers will also be asked to progress to the public advertisement stage, and report the results to a future committee.

The initial stage of consultation was carried out from August 24 to September 14.

The introduction of the controlled parking area is designed to address a commuter parking problem that has prompted complaints from local residents.

'Priority Parking' areas operate by restricting lengths of kerbside space to permit holders at particular times of day and leaves other sections unrestricted.

The proposed area for the introduction of controlled parking lies to the west of Anderson Drive, and is bounded by and includes Kings Gate, Springfield Road, Springfield Avenue, Rubislaw Park Road, Rubislaw Park Crescent and Viewfield Road.

Communities, Housing and Infrastructure Convener, Councillor Neil Cooney, said: "This takes this project to the next stage – we have completed the consultation, and this is something that local residents will welcome.

"Although the dynamic has changed, partly due to the downturn in the oil and gas industry and partly due to the prospect of additional parking at the office complex, we are still going to move to the detailed design stage for the priority parking zone."