Permanent camera to be installed this week at Bedford Bus Gate

A permanent camera is to be set up at the Bedford Bus Gate this week to ensure the traffic using the third Don crossing will have minimal impact on the already-busy Bedford Road.

Work to install the camera is to take place this week and it is estimated the camera will be working on Saturday.

Bedford Road has been closed permanently as a through route to all traffic except buses, pedestrians and cyclists, as part of traffic management plans relating to the new crossing over the River Don.

An Aberdeen City Council spokeswoman said: “The permanent camera will be a deterrent to cars being able to use Bedford Road as a through route and is part of a wider plan to improve traffic flow in and around Aberdeen and particularly following the opening of the new Don bridge.

“The measure is part of a bigger picture about easing congestion and speeding up journey times for all road users for the north side of the city.”

Residents can only access Hermitage Avenue, Bedford Avenue, Sunnyside Road, and Bedford Retail Park from Powis Terrace.

Figures for the first month of the new Don crossing, which opened on 9 June 2016, showed there had been almost a quarter of a million traffic, cycling and pedestrian journeys were made.

The total figure included 240,772 vehicle journeys, 2,798 cycling trips, and 4,272 pedestrian treks for the crossing which has involved the construction of two major bridges, 2.4km of new roads, and new cycleways and pavements.

The total volume of vehicles south-bound was 138,844, and north-bound was 101,928, with an average per day total of 7,767.