No change to working practices for waste and recycling staff

There is to be no change to working practices for waste and recycling staff, after Aberdeen City Council carried out a detailed analysis of several options and employee consultation responses.

Staff and union representatives were informed of the decision at a meeting today.

A 12-week informal consultation was launched in May which was aimed at finding a £120,000 budget saving and it involved asking staff on views of potential options for changing working patterns as well as inviting suggestions for other savings and efficiencies.

There was a very good response from staff to the consultation and the general view was not in favour of moving to any different working pattern. One of the options tabled had been changing to a late shift/early shift pattern.

As part of the consultation process, staff came forward with alternative operational suggestions for making efficiencies which can meet the target saving, and these include a number of ideas that cumulatively will reduce the operational costs of the service without impacting on working hours or any reduction in jobs.

The changes include amalgamating some collection routes, reviewing other ways of working, and reviewing collection routes and seasonal resource requirements.

An Aberdeen City Council spokeswoman said: “We are pleased that staff engaged so positively and constructively and we thank them for that. We considered every suggestion that was presented and we believe this is the right outcome at this time.

“The service will continue to engage with staff.”