New waste bins signal improved recycling services for Aberdeen residents

Aberdeen City Council has today (Monday 27 February) begun to roll out changes to the City's waste and recycling service.

The first deliveries of new general waste bins start today and will continue for up to 11 weeks. At the same time each household receives their bin, they will be given an information leaflet explaining the changes and how to get the most from the waste and recycling service. Following delivery, residents should start to use their new bin straight away and note that general waste will not be collected from any other container.

Councillor Jean Morrison, Aberdeen City Council's Zero Waste Management Sub-Committee convener, said: “Starting this week we're delivering around 70,000 new general waste bins to households across the city over an 11 week period. This has been carefully planned and residents shouldn't be concerned if they don't get their bin at the same time as neighbouring streets. Residents can check online for information to find out more about the bin deliveries and changes.”

As part of the changes, residents’ current general waste bin will become their mixed recycling bin. A sticker will be placed it to show the expanded range of materials it can take including glass bottles and jars; plastic bottles, pots tubs and trays; food and drink cartons; paper, card and cardboard; and metal cans. By collecting all recyclable materials from a single wheelie bin with a ‘mixed recycling’ sticker on it, the service will be easier and more convenient for residents to use.

Councillor Jean Morrison added: “Residents should keep their waste and recycling leaflet handy and remember too that the new bin collection calendar comes into effect on 6 March.

Further information can be found on the Councils website at www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/wasteandrecycling