New Waste and Recycling Service for Aberdeen residents

Aberdeen City Council today (30 January) announced forthcoming changes to Aberdeen’s kerbside waste and recycling collection services.

The service changes will see a wider range of materials recycled including plastic pots, tubs and trays, as well as food and drink cartons. All recyclable materials will be collected from a single wheelie bin, making the service easier and more convenient for residents.

In February, residents will receive an information pack in the post containing their new waste and recycling collection calendar, as well as a letter and FAQ sheet that explains the changes. From 6 March, all residents should start using their new collection calendar.

Councillor Jean Morrison, Aberdeen City Council's Zero Waste Management Sub-Committee convener, said: “We’re delivering 70 thousand bins over eleven weeks and householders should start using the new calendar from 6 March whether or not they have received their new general waste bin. I would advise residents to check their new calendar carefully and bear in mind that their collection days may have changed.”

Residents’ current general waste bins will become their mixed recycling bins. A sticker will be placed on each bin to show it can take glass bottles and jars; plastic bottles and containers; food and drink cartons; paper, card and cardboard; and metal cans.

Brown bin collections for food and garden waste will continue unchanged.

A new 180 litre bin will be delivered for waste that cannot be recycled.

Deliveries for bins and information leaflets will begin on 27 February and continue for eleven weeks. Residents will be able to check online for information about their delivery date.

Once collected, mixed recycling will be sorted at Aberdeen City’s new state-of-the-art Materials Recovery Facility in East Tullos which is due to begin operating in Spring.

Councillor Morrison added: “It will soon be even easier to recycle in Aberdeen and everyone will have a part to play in helping the Council to deliver an efficient, high-performing service”.

Householders can find out more about the changes at www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/wasteandrecycling