New Waste and Recycling Collection Days for Aberdeen Residents

Aberdeen City Council is today (Monday 6 February) reminding residents to look out for their new Waste and Recycling information pack arriving in the post early this week.

The clearly marked pack contains important information about the forthcoming changes being made to the City’s waste and recycling collection services.

Inside the pack, residents will find their new waste and recycling collection calendar, as well as a letter and a comprehensive FAQ sheet that explains the changes. The new calendar should be used from Monday 6 March.

Councillor Jean Morrison, Aberdeen City Council's Zero Waste Management Sub-Committee convener, said: “This week just under 70,000 information packs will be posted out to residents across the city. I would advise residents to check their new calendar carefully and bear in mind that their collection days may have changed. They should remember too that the new calendar comes into effect on 6h March.”

Councillor Morrison added: ”Residents should keep their calendar in a safe place until needed on 6th March and read through the letter and FAQs so they can make the most of their new mixed recycling service.”

As part of the changes, residents will also soon receive a new general waste bin and their existing bin will become their mixed recycling bin. A wider range of materials can be recycled including plastic pots, tubs and trays, as well as food and drink cartons. All recyclable materials will be collected from a single wheelie bin with a ‘mixed recycling’ sticker on it, making the service easier and more convenient for residents.

The detailed letter and FAQ sheet will provide residents with answers to most service related questions and further information can be found on the Councils website at www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/wasteandrecycling