New traders’ network to help drive further city centre improvements

Plans to reinvigorate one of Aberdeen’s most famous streets were launched today as part of a City Centre Masterplan project.

The Greater George Street Traders’ Association has been formed to drive improvement in the George Street area and to raise its profile as a destination.

The aim is to give local traders a collective voice in working to attract more shoppers and businesses to the area as well as enhancing overall amenity.

The goal aligns with Independent Aberdeen, a Masterplan project that aims to promote the distinctiveness of the city centre and the endeavours of local people to create new home grown retail businesses.

Council Leader Councillor Jenny Laing said: “Delivering the Masterplan requires a partnership approach and it’s heartening to find traders so ready to play their part.

“The Council continues to work closely with Business Improvement District operator, Aberdeen Inspired, to enhance our city centre and its offering, and this is yet another vote of confidence in the vision.”

The Greater George Street area covers George Street from John Lewis to Craigie Street, and John Street from Woolmanhill to the North East of Scotland College.

Deputy Leader Councillor Marie Boulton said: “George Street is very much part of Aberdeen’s heart and an area of exciting new business activity.

“We are committed to transforming the city centre and Independent Aberdeen is one of a number of Masterplan projects that taps the energy, enthusiasm and expertise of people who live, work and do business in our city.”

The Greater George Street Traders’ Association is one of several neighbourhood business networks to be formed in the city centre in recent years.

Adrian Watson, chief executive of Aberdeen Inspired, said: “Like the other networks, the Association has effective communication and positive collaboration between traders at its heart.

“The network will provide a forum for businesses to engage both with each other, and with external partners to identify local solutions for the local area, thus helping to reinvigorate the George Street neighbourhood and its economy, and make them more attractive to both businesses and shoppers.”

Local businesses are being invited to a meeting to discuss the direction of the Association at North East College of Scotland on Tuesday, January 24th at 6pm.

The organisers include Finnie’s the Jeweller on George Street. General Manager Stuart Milne, chairman of the Greater George Street Traders’ Association, said: “We believe the future will be bright, particularly with the determined efforts of the businesses in the area.

“The Greater George Street Traders’ Association would like to hear from local business leaders about how we might work together and with partners to capitalise on the opportunities.”