New pedestrian priority project under consideration

Aberdeen City Council is to explore proposals for enhancing evening activity on Justice Mill Lane, Langstane Place and Windmill Brae as part of the City Centre Masterplan.

The Masterplan – which was unanimously adopted by the Council in 2015 – identifies this as a “key area” for pedestrian priority, new cycle routes, and improved streetscape and lighting.

The proposal is to make the three streets pedestrian and cycle only in the evenings, through the night and into the early morning, seven days a week. Also under consideration is the prohibition of vehicles from a short stretch of Langstane Place between Dee Street and Crown Street, at all times, and the permanent introduction of a section of one-way on Windmill Brae between Crown Street and Bath Street.

Potential benefits include the creation of a safer pedestrian environment. The project could also offer an opportunity for an outdoor public area on the short part of Langstane Place between Dee Street and Crown Street.

Leaflets have been distributed in the immediate area and comments are being collected until October 31.

Councillor Marie Boulton, the Council’s lead on the city centre, said: “In taking this City Centre Masterplan project forward, we first have to understand the needs of those who use the streets on a day to day basis.

“The feedback will allow us to work up the detail of the proposals and how the scheme might operate. It’s important to get a feel from local residents and businesses about the opportunities and challenges.

“During consultation on the Masterplan it became clear that people wanted more pedestrian priority. We are committed to enhancing the city centre experience and can do that best by taking a partnership approach to projects.”

A report is expected to go to Aberdeen City Council in early 2018. Should the scheme progress, proposals would be subject to a period of statutory public consultation under Traffic Regulation Order procedures.

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