New information totems to be rolled out across the city

A company which is renowned world-wide for signage in major cities has been appointed to create a network of information totems around Aberdeen city centre.

After a tendering process, Trueform, a firm which has worked on projects providing signage for New York, Legible London and Leeds, was chosen for the contract.

A total of 54 of the structures - which are aimed at improving orientation, navigation and journey planning - will be placed at strategic sites in the early part of next year after a pilot project proved a success.

The initiative is being jointly delivered by Aberdeen City Council and has been spearheaded by business organisation Aberdeen Inspired.

Aberdeen City Council Leader Councillor Jenny Laing said: "This is a fantastic scheme and many people – including residents and visitors – have been using the pilot project signs.

"We are pleased to be able to help people find their way around the city more easily, and they might also discover some of the amazing hidden gems we have here.

"The information totems are part of Aberdeen City Council's commitment to improving connectivity in the city centre area whether by walking, cycling or by using buses and we are pleased Trueform has been appointed."

City Councillors agreed a 50% funding contribution to the scheme, with Aberdeen Inspired meeting the remaining costs.
Aberdeen Inspired received a positive reaction to the pilot project, which involved the installation of four informative map totems at key locations on Broad Street, St Nicholas Street, on Schoolhill and outside the tourism office on Union Street.

Craig Stevenson, the Aberdeen Inspired director responsible for the organisation's Out and About theme, said: "We are delighted to be moving forward and to have appointed a very experienced firm to carry out the work. It is an exciting next step in the project, which will make the city centre far more visitor friendly.

"The heart of Aberdeen has lots to offer and we're keen to encourage people, whether local to the area or visiting from further afield, to explore some of the hidden gems. The improved wayshowing will have a major influence on that."

Trueform's Group managing director, Jonathan Morley, said: ''Trueform are delighted to have been awarded this contract and to be extending our wayfinding portfolio.

"We look forward to providing Aberdeen with high quality, wayfinding infrastructure and the service that our customers have come to expect from our nationwide operations''.