New crest to be adopted as part of branding refresh for Aberdeen City Council

The phased introduction of a new corporate identity for Aberdeen City Council will begin this summer.

Members of the City Growth and Resources Committee today (24 April) agreed to the proposals, with the adoption of a new crest at the heart of the refreshed branding.

The creative work has been undertaken in-house by Council designers and the roll-out will be managed to ensure only assets due for replacement will have the new branding applied – ensuring no additional cost to the Council.

The Lord Lyon has granted approval for the striking new crest, designed to reflect the Council’s evolution and to enable clearer reproduction across a range of uses, and elected members have now given their endorsement.

Cllr Douglas Lumsden, Co-Leader of Aberdeen City Council and Convener of the City Growth and Resources Committee, said: “The advice from officers with branding expertise is that the Council has lacked a coherent and clear visual identity and brand, which is crucial in promoting services locally but also in promoting the city nationally and internationally as we continue to work towards the aims of our economic strategy.

“There have been issues with the current crest in terms of reproduction and clarity – the new design is a contemporary evolution, maintaining the foundations of the Council’s brand but refreshing it significantly to make it fit for purpose for a modern organisation.

“We’re proud of our heritage and tradition as a Council but equally determined to look forward and to embrace new opportunities. The new crest and wider brand guidelines are being developed with digital applications and accessibility, in terms of colours and fonts, as a key focus.”

The report approved by councillors highlighted the way in which the phased approach will be implemented, for example with stationery only being reprinted with the new crest when existing stocks are run down. The new branding would only be applied when vehicles are added to the fleet, rather than to existing vehicles.

Cllr Lumsden added: “It is important to stress this is being managed in a cost-conscious manner. We could not contemplate an expensive rebranding exercise in which all material is replaced as it perhaps would be in the private sector. The current branding will sit side by side with the new branding during the period in which assets are replaced naturally over time. All of this is within existing budgets, so there is no additional cost. Where it can be applied without any expenditure, for example on the Council website, it will be carried out in the early phase of the roll-out.”