New action group to develop better services for people with disabilities in Aberdeen

A new action group has been formed to create a more inclusive approach and improve services for people with disabilities in Aberdeen.

The Disability Equity Partnership, led by Chair Dame Anne Begg, will bring together residents of Aberdeen to raise awareness of the challenges faced by those with disabilities and to break down barriers.

The name of the group was selected by its own members to reflect its ethos of working in an inclusive, collaborative and positive way with partners such as Aberdeen City Council to solve challenges and improve quality of life for people in the city with disabilities.

This may include a focus on accessible transport, buildings, services and information.

The working group which will have a key role in the Council, reporting to its Communities, Housing and Infrastructure committee, replaces the former Disability Action Group (DAG) following a review and change process.

Aberdeen Talks Disability, an event organised in May by Aberdeen City Council, saw members of the disabled community who are enthusiastic and passionate about bringing about change come together to find out more about the opportunity to be part of this new group. There will be extensive opportunities for others to become involved in the Disability Equity Partnership as it gathers evidence and views from individuals and groups with disabilities or an interest in disabilities across the city.

Aberdeen City Council also recently created a new post of Disability Access Officer, who will be supporting this group and others in the city to drive forward an agenda of improvement.

Aberdeen City Council Leader Cllr Jenny Laing said: “Aberdeen is embarking on a period of real positive change. New schools, world class technology, new affordable housing, and better transport links will drive forward the economy.

“As technology advances and we become a smarter city, it is crucial that the needs, ambitions and desires of disabled people are not forgotten in the midst of so much change.

“The work that will be undertaken by a new diverse and passionate group of advocates will create a foundation for building equality, accessibility and acceptance for those with disabilities as our city develops.”