Name for the new centre in Tillydrone revealed

The new name for a new multi-service facility in Tillydrone was today revealed after it was chosen by local residents – Tillydrone Community Campus.

Names have also been chosen for three rooms inside the £6million new facility which are Donbank, Wallace, and Riverbank.

The new Community Campus will bring together a range of services including existing community organisations, council services for housing tenants and priority families outreach.

In addition to providing vital services to those most in need, the centre will also include a library, crèche, cafe, business start-up unit and activity halls for fitness and recreation.

Work on the Campus is almost complete and it is expected the facility will be open to the public in early 2019.

Aberdeen City Council regeneration spokesman Councillor Ross Grant said: ““The Tillydrone Community Campus will perform an important role in the area by providing support and improve the quality of life for many residents, and it will also be a centre for fun and learning.

“The new facility is one of several transformational events for Tillydrone which are designed to help regenerate the area to show it is a great place to live and work, including a new school and additional affordable housing.

“It is a very exciting chapter for the project and the local residents now that the name has been chosen and the work is almost finished.”

Aberdeen City Council has committed £4.1million towards the complex, while a further £1.9m grant has been received from the Scottish Government’s Regeneration Capital Grant Fund.