Mutiny on the High Seas for Aberdeen families!

Aberdeen children and their families have the chance to test their pluck and mettle against some mutinous scurvy seadogs this Thursday (13 July) courtesy of the Aberdeen Maritime Museum.

‘Mutiny’ is just one of several thrilling fun events on offer for youngsters at the Shiprow museum and also at the Aberdeen Treasure Hub Museum Centre in Northfield this summer.

As the title suggests, ‘Mutiny’ sees the visitors’ ‘crews’ captured by a motley gang of mutineers and, using their code-cracking skills, attempt to regain control of their ship. The event, which should see plenty of derring do and grey matter on display, takes place between 2 and 3.30pm.

John Wheeler, Convener of Education and Children’s Services, said: “There is a fantastic range of exciting and informative events on offer at our at both the Maritime Museum and the Treasure Hub this summer, so even if the weather isn’t being kind, our young people will still have the opportunity to pack their days with fun.”

Other events taking place at the Maritime Museum include ‘Beside the Seaside’, a chance to seaside inspired crafts and traditional games while for those with a musical bent, there is ‘Anchors Away’, a music and storytelling voyage inspired by the Museum’s current Sea Change exhibition.

Meanwhile, at the Treasure Hub, disaster strikes in ‘One of Our Treasures is Missing’ and only our 4-11 year old visitors can help Clare the Curator find the precious missing object!

Families can find out more by visiting the Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums website: