Mr Therm goes on his holidays for a ‘new look’

A popular former working train which is part of the playground facilities at Seaton Park is to have a £60,000 refurbishment.

Mr Therm and his carriages are being dismantled this week by contractors David Ogilvie and taken away for repairs and to be painted before being installed back on site in the autumn.

A notice is to be put up informing youngsters: “Mr Therm will be away on his holidays with his four carriage friends because he is feeling a little under the weather.

“When he comes back, he will be looking much younger with fresh new colours and lots of surprises to be even more fun than before.

“He is going a long way on this holiday. All the way to Kilmarnock where he was born.”

Mr Therm was originally a locomotive used for transporting coal from Aberdeen harbour and with the closure of the former gas plant in the 1970s, Mr Therm was transferred to Aberdeen Council for preservation, where the engine was placed in the play area at Seaton Park in 1974.

Aberdeen City Council Commuities, Housing and Infrastructure vice convener Councillor Jean Morrison said: “Mr Therm is now at a point where he can no longer be patched up so he is going away for a trip and will come back refreshed and rejuvenated.

“He’s given generations of youngsters a lot of pleasure over the years and he will no doubt be there for generations more.”

Aberdeen City Council worked with Friends of Seaton Park on the project, which provided in-kind contributions.

Friends of Seaton Park chairwoman Sheila Gordon said: “"I am really pleased that Mr Therm is to go on his holidays and I am sure that he will feel and look all the better for the break.

“Friends of Seaton Park were delighted to work with Aberdeen City Council to ensure Mr Therm got his well-deserved holiday.”

David Ogilvie, of the contractors firm which is carrying out the work, came up with the idea of a postbox in the park in which youngsters can send a letter to Mr Therm while he’s on his holidays.

The refurbishment is being paid for by Aberdeen City Council’s underspend from the last financial year.