Mighty Midsummer Mission for helping to clean up Aberdeen

Residents are being encouraged to take part in a Mighty Midsummer Mission this week – to help clean up litter around the city.

People are being asked to pick up litter from Thursday to Monday – 17 June to 21 June - as whether it’s a single piece outside their home or organise a local litterpick, it all makes a difference.

More than 250 groups and individuals have been carrying out a fantastic job over the past 16 months and are being contacted about the special event.

For the last few years, we celebrated this time of year with a 24-hour-long Glitterpick – 24 litter picks in 24 locations in 24 hours – but it was cancelled last year due to coronavirus restrictions. This year, we still cannot have our usual event but people can still make a difference by organising their own litterpicks.

Aberdeen City Council operational delivery convener Councillor Philip Bell said: “It’s great that so many community groups come out every year to help keep our city sparkling and clean.

“This year, we’re asking residents to help out by picking up some litter near their home or workplace as every bit of effort makes a difference and we’re all responsible for keeping our city tidy.

“We’d prefer if people didn’t litter in the first place as it’s unsightly and is bad for the environment. Our staff work hard to keep the city clean and tidy but unfortunately we can’t be everywhere at the same time so the work carried out by these communities, groups, workplaces and individuals makes a big difference.”

The event is part of the year-round Clean Up Aberdeen campaign which encourages people not to litter in the first place, and also provides equipment for groups wanting to organise a litter pick. For more details, or to get help organising an event, call 03000 200 292, or email cleanaberdeen@aberdeencity.gov.uk. More information is also available from Clean up Aberdeen on Facebook www.facebook.com/Clean-Up-Aberdeen.

People who take part in the Mighty Midsummer Mission are encouraged to let Aberdeen City Council know of their litterpicking by either posting their activity along with photographs saying who they are, what was collected and where it was collected, to the Clean Up Aberdeen page www.facebook.com/Clean-Up-Aberdeen or e-mail cleanaberdeen@aberdeencity.gov.uk.

With the potentially high number of participants and continuing coronavirus restrictions, people are asked this year to could dispose of any bags themselves in their own domestic bins or any large black communal street bin near your litter pick. Where this is not possible or practical, place your bags beside a litter or dog bin, take a photograph and send to cleanaberdeen@aberdeencity.gov.uk with the location details. The council’s environmental services team has been asked to uplift any bags they see which are out for collection. Unfortunately, the council cannot guarantee same day uplift so please be considerate of where you leave bags.

Participants in the Mighty Midsummer Mission are reminded to follow the current Covid guidelines https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-protection-levels/