Meeting held at start of process to organise a memorial for people affected by past practices at Aberdeen Crematorium

About 20 people attended a meeting on Tuesday evening to discuss the first stages of setting up a memorial for those affected by past practices at Aberdeen.

The informal meeting, which is one of three being held this week for the initial discussion, held small group discussions asking what form should the memorial take, what should be the mood of the memorial, are there any particular features which could be included (eg a place to sit), where in the city should it be placed, and what is important about the location (eg open and prominent or secluded and private).

The other two meetings, which will have the same format as Tuesday night’s, are both on Saturday (21 January 2017):

  • 10.30am for 11am start on Saturday;
  • 1.30pm for 2pm start on Saturday.

The venue for both of these is the Function Suite at Hazlehead Café in Hazlehead Park, and people affected are more than welcome to go along.

The meetings are being chaired by John Birrell from Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland. John has vast experience in bereavement care and was a member of the Infant Cremation Commission.

Mr Birrell said: “There were good discussions at the meeting on Tuesday evening and the information gained from it, the meetings on Saturday, and the paper and online questionnaires, will be the basis of what the next steps are.

“Anyone affected by the past practices at Aberdeen Crematorium is invited to attend either of Saturday’s meetings – they are very welcome to come along and take part in the process of deciding what the permanent memorial should be.”

Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland and SANDS Aberdeen have kindly agreed to be present at the meetings to offer their support to families. Anyone affected can also contact SANDS Aberdeen on 0870 7606649 or help@aberdeensands.com. The meetings are being supported by Aberdeen City Council.

Anyone wanting to attend one of the two meetings on Saturday should contact Bereavement Services on 01224 522485 or email burials@aberdeencity.gov.uk so numbers can be ascertained for catering purposes..

A paper questionnaire can be requested from the previous phone number or email address, and an online questionnaire is available on https://consultation.aberdeencity.gov.uk/communication/permanent-memorial-crematoriumpermanent-memorial-crematorium.