Last chance this week to give your opinion on travelling around the city before and after the AWPR opens

This week is the last chance for people around the north-east to give their opinion on how everyone will move around the city’s roads, cycle routes and pavement networks before and after the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR/B-T) opens.

The public consultation finishes on Friday (31 March) which will look into how traffic and people will move around Aberdeen after the AWPR opens and how they also use the city at the moment.

The AWPR will make a difference to journey times going across and around Aberdeen as vehicles will have up to a 70mph speed limit as compared to the 40/30/20mph limits in the city.

The way traffic travels in Aberdeen will also be different as, rather than moving around using either cross-city centre journeys or via South/North Anderson Drive at the moment, the AWPR will take a lot of the traffic away from the city.

It is designed so motorists go around the city on the AWPR, and then use arterial roads to get into the part of the city their destination is in. Aberdeen will effectively be split into zones and traffic will be directed into those zones. This means there will be less cross-city centre journeys and less congestion in this area.

The AWPR/B-T will also lead to opportunities to build more cycle and walking-friendly pavements and cycle lanes around the city, as there will be less traffic and will make walking and cycling much more attractive.

The public consultation is further designed to fit into what the public had said they wanted as part of the City Centre Masterplan.

The consultation is also part of the £3.2million CIVITAS PORTIS European Union grant awarded last year for a north-east transport project involving a consortium of council, university and private partners which is aimed at improving travel in the area.

The public consultation is available at https://consultation.aberdeencity.gov.uk/planning/traveling-around-aberdeen-city-after-the-awpr-open/ and copies are available from any city library, Aberdeen City Council’s reception areas at Marischal College and the Town House, and from Transportation Strategy and Programmes, Communities, Housing and Infrastructure, Aberdeen City Council, Business Hub 4, Marischal College, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1AB.