Inspector of Crematoria Scotland report on Aberdeen Crematorium

A report has been published today by the Inspector of Crematoria Scotland on Aberdeen Crematorium after he was invited there by ACC Chief Executive Angela Scott.

The report, which came after a visit to the facility by the Inspector Robert Swanson on Thursday 30 June, has been made available on Aberdeen City Council’s website.

An Aberdeen City Council spokeswoman said: “The report has been published on the City Council’s website and has been shared with all elected members of the Council, Aberdeen’s MSPs and MPs.

“As the Chief Executive stated to Council at its meeting on Wednesday 29 June, she is currently preparing a full report for Council in August on the implications of the findings of the National Cremation Investigation. She now confirms that her report will also now include a response to the Inspector of Crematoria Scotland’s observations and considerations in relation to Aberdeen Crematorium.”

The report is available on