Transition to Target Operating Model

Aberdeen City Council today entered the next phase in the transition to the new Target Operating Model (TOM), which was approved in August 2017.

The Council is transforming the way it does business to better meet the needs of the people it serves, whilst ensuring financial sustainability.

The next phase in the move towards the TOM relates to a proposed reduction in posts agreed by the Strategic Transformation Committee in February.

A commitment to no compulsory redundancies underpins the approach.

Staff who may be affected by organisational change have been notified about the proposals.

Angela Scott, Chief Executive of Aberdeen City Council, said: “As Aberdeen City Council moves towards its new Target Operating Model, work has been carried out in relation to a reduction in posts as agreed by the Strategic Transformation Committee in February.

“This work is based on areas for change identified by Chief Officers and managers, with the aim of creating more efficient service delivery to enable the Council to improve the way it fulfils the needs of those it serves and to meet required financial savings of £10.378million for 2018/19.

“Employees who may be impacted by this workforce change are being notified of the proposals in their area of the Council and have received an explanation of the consultation process with trade unions and individuals, who will have the opportunity to consider the rationale and make representations.

“A commitment to no compulsory redundancies underpins the approach being taken and minimising the potential impact on individual members of staff has been a priority throughout, with full support and advice being offered to all employees affected by proposed changes.”

Trade union consultations will run from 17-30 April and individual consultations over the first two weeks of May. Responses will be considered before any decision is made on posts.