Hazlehead School unveils Global Goals Sculpture Trail

Hazlehead School pupils unveiled a special sculpture trail at Hazlehead Park today (Friday 28 April).

Every pupil in the school participated in the design and creation of the sculpture trail which aims to educate the community about the Global Goals as decided by the United Nations. The trail, which will remain in the park over the next month , has 17 sculptures representing each of the 17 Global Goals.

In addition, the pupils have created super heroes for each sculpture and these are on information plaques explaining the goal, what people can do to help meet that goal and what the children did to make that sculpture. All the information has also been recorded and can be accessed by scanning a QR code so the community can listen to or read the information.

An Aberdeen City Council spokesperson said “This is a fabulous creative collaboration by everyone at Hazlehead School and I’m sure the trail will intrigue and inform visitors to the park over the coming weeks”.

The school’s Depute Teacher, Christine Beard said: “In the planning phase the younger ones created superheroes to represent the goals and meanwhile the older pupils made the plans for each sculpture.

“Our global group representatives presented the sculpture ideas to Friends of Hazlehead, the Park Service, the Wood Foundation and the Montgomery Centre to ask for help and permission for the sculpture trail. We hope everyone enjoys the trail and spread the word to their friends and family to come and see it”.