Further boost for Aberdeen Art Gallery redevelopment

The Barrack Charitable Trust, funded by local commercial property developer Knight Property Group, have donated a six figure sum to support the ambitious £30m redevelopment of Aberdeen Art Gallery.

The funds were awarded to Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums Development Trust in support of the Inspiring Art and Music fundraising campaign by the Barrack Charitable Trust in December after Chairman and Founder James Barrack expressed a particular interest in the Gallery’s new display planned for Gallery 10.

Aberdeen City Council Deputy Leader Councillor Marie Boulton said: “We are delighted that The Barrack Charitable Trust has chosen to give such a generous endorsement to the Art Gallery redevelopment, a project of utmost significance to Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland.

“It is now less than a year to go before Aberdeen Art Gallery reopens. Aberdeen’s exceptional collection is one of the finest in the UK. Contributions such as this are helping to create a rejuvenated Art Gallery, enhancing enjoyment and understanding of the city’s rich culture and history for visitors of all ages.”

The Barrack Charitable Trust have recently been recognised for supporting a number of education projects throughout Scotland, including the Paired Reading project which focuses on developing children’s literacy skills.

James Barrack, Managing Director at Knight Property Group and founder and chair of The Barrack Charitable Trust said: “Aberdeen has noticed some considerable changes in the past 18 months. With local, independent businesses struggling throughout the city it is important that we reinvest in the tourism industry and continue to attract new visitors.

“Art is something that everyone can benefit from. As well as providing enjoyment, the arts can also play a fundamental role in a person’s development. I’ve always had a keen interest in art and feel that this prestigious project is a worthy cause as all of Aberdeen can benefit in one way or another.”

The opening display in Gallery 10 will feature Aberdeen Art Gallery’s choice collection of French paintings from the late 19th to the early 20th century, a time when Paris and the surrounding area were at the centre of the art world.

In a unique hanging arrangement, the artworks will be paired with British examples from the same period in order to demonstrate the far-reaching influence of French art.

As well as enhancing original gallery spaces such as Gallery 10, the Inspiring Art and Music redevelopment will add an additional 10 new gallery spaces, including a spectacular copper-clad roof-top gallery with fit-for-purpose space to show the very best temporary exhibitions from around the world, as well as much-needed learning and event space.

Chairman of Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums Development Trust Steve Regulski said: “We are grateful to The Barrack Charitable Trust for their generous support. We would encourage other businesses, individuals and residents in the North East to follow the Trust’s example and play a role in creating what will be a world-class cultural centre in Aberdeen by supporting the fundraising campaign.”

Aberdeen City Council are currently fundraising for the redevelopment of Aberdeen Art Gallery, Cowdray Hall and the Remembrance Hall and are appealing to Aberdeen Citizens to help support the transformation.

Those wishing to support the project can visit www.aagm.co.uk/donate or phone 01224 523670.

Donations can also be made by texting AAGM001 to 70970 to donate £5 and AAGM001 to 70191 to donate £10.