Free car parking trial for Aberdeen city centre

Parking is to be made free after 5pm in parts of Aberdeen city centre for a trial period.

The City Growth and Resources Committee today agreed to support the “Alive @ 5” scheme, which was backed by the Operational Services Delivery Committee earlier this month.

From October 1 for six months, charges at four multi-storey car parks – Denburn, Chapel Street, Frederick Street, and West North Street – will apply only from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

Charges will also be waived for the last hour, Saturdays only, at the Marischal College off-street car, which shuts at 6pm.

All other tariffs will remain the same. Currently charges on Sundays apply only from 1pm-5pm.

Alive @ 5 aims to improve the economic vibrancy of the city centre by encouraging people to spend more time in the area in the evenings.

Officers will monitor the scheme’s impact and report back to Council.

Aberdeen City Council Co-Leader and Committee Convener Councillor Douglas Lumsden said: “Our city centre has a fantastic leisure offer in the evening in the form of events, places to eat and shopping.

“Alive @ 5 has the potential to add to the city centre’s buzz and boost trade.

“In regenerating the city centre, the Council is listening to and working with partners, and is always ready to explore bold new initiatives like Alive @ 5.

“We await the results of the trial with interest.”

In March the Council approved a budget of £80,000 for Alive @ 5 scheme to offset the projected reduction in income from parking.